Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The suspense is killing us!!!

As I sat wetting my whistle in my favourite watering hole yesterday evening, I got embroiled in a conversation of deep magnitude with a fellow of the elderly persuasion. Unfortunately this gentleman turned out to be a bit of an argumentative chap who appears to know best, but the chat led me to have a look at Bath's unanswered questions.

The debate, if I can loosely throw throw that around this, began discussing The Rec. For some lengthy period of time the Rec has been a huge topic and if Bath are to become the best; that ground desperately needs regenerating, but we all know this! The point I tried to make to my counterpart in the discussion is: To take Bath Rugby away from the Rec would be borderline criminal! They go hand in hand. Not only because of the stunning surroundings but the economic influence it has on the local trade. The gentleman in question, who is a season ticket holder and apparently a "man in the know" his words!! He is certain that in 2 yrs the marriage of Bath Rugby will be having a divorce and they will be setting up a new relationship with some floosey of a plot of land. This is when the debate slightly broke down to become more of a spat, his stated plot is Farliegh!!! My answer "not a chance". It's too far from Bath with no Bus route and making for some unhappy campers who travel to the games. After some heated words and threats of barring, we agreed to disagree, although I think I'm right!

My afterthoughts of this is why do we have so many unanswered questions at Bath?
- The ground
- Who's going to be DOR
- Who's going to be head coach
- Who's going to be forwards coach
And so on...... For weeks now we've had to endure endless speculation surrounding the coaching team. So many names bouncing about, so many people with inside knowledge saying they know whose got the job. And yet from all the countless speculations we're still none the wiser. I would believe it would be fair of Bath just to us supporters at least an announcement date and a snippet of who could be in the potential running. With so much mystery engulfing one club I've heard that Scooby Doo and the mystery team are on their way to investigate.

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