Saturday, 28 April 2012

Can we af-Ford to go for Gold?

As per usual the rumours have been rife with more and more speculative views of the next Bath Ruby DOR and head coach.
We've endure countless snippets of gossip from names such as Mallet, White, Robinson, Catt, Gold, name a few linked with the vacant roles at the Rec.
The latest two candidates 'certain' of the jobs are the intrim duo at Falcons Gary Gold and Mike Ford. Falcons who are staring down the barrel of relegation who before they took over were 10 points adrift from fellow strugglers Wasps. They had gone through a run of 13 games only winning 2, drawing 1 but losing 10. After the time under the Gold and Ford ruling Falcons are about to face a relegation battle, winner takes all with Wasps after clawing back to being 4 points behind. So yes it seems Gold and Ford are doing good things Newcastle, but are they right to try to take bath to the top?
Ford as we all know spent just over 3 years as the defence coach with England and left after the Poor display during the World Cup. The English side during his time in fairness had become a very ill disciplined side and games were lost on the penalties given away. As the role of defense coach this does not bode well.
Gold has been through many roles from London Irish head coach to South Africa's assistant coach a man of good reputation and potentially a good DOR. But is he the man to take Bath back to their glittering highs of yesteryear? We all had the belief that McGeechan was the man to do so, and yet as it was seen not to be!!!
Well one thing is to been said we will have to wait and this space

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