Monday, 9 April 2012

Back to the old skool!!!!

After my last post I sat down at had a good recollection of the 'good old days'. I know with this now being a fully fledged professional era and the hay days of Bath being during the amateur period. But surely if we look back there must be some lessons to be learnt.
The golden period of the Bath days, where Blue, Black and white was the domineering force, and a squad of men playing in a field of boys. As the money was of no importance your main objective was to want to be the best, play with the best and ensure your band of brothers supported you in this aim. You would play with the Passion of the shirt you adorned and to play as a unified battalion. From position 1-16 (Bath never played with a 13!) Would be as 1 unit, that was the Bath way.
Theese warriors in the Bath Tricolor were a team for which the majority had been together for a lengthy time, a player would be true, loyal and passionate to their club. Can we say the same in this day an age?? Has a loyalty been displaced by cold hard cash?
For me I'm under the thought its time to get an 'old Skool' on the Bath issue and hit right back to scratch. Many moons ago a player would not be shipped half the way around the world, he would of moved through the ranks or be discovered in a local 'feeder' club. To take a 'natural' talent and emerge them in professional surroundings and elite facilities they could become an true phenomenon in the rugby world. If Bath were to truly harness the United team and enable them to run out on a more regular occasion the extra game time would only encourage their abilities. The Aviva 'A' league is a good basis but certainly not enough matches for a squad to progress. With an abundance of local team surrounding the city would it not be an option to arrange some fixtures against them? Local teams such as-
- Oldfield Old Boys
- Old Culverhaysians
- Stothert And Pitt
- Walcot Old Boys
- Combedown
- Avon
- Avonvale
- Keynsham
But to name a few. For the local clubs it would be seen as a challenge to take down the Goliath tho their David. Whereas for Bath the option to scan for local talent for which the could develope. For the army of fans some more rugby for us to get our teeth into and revel in the growing form in the squad.
In short back to basics and development is a good step forward to creating an all powerful Bath. Surly its time to create the talent than buy the talent!! It will take a while to build, but I'd rather see them construct a solid team and miss a few years of European rugby than miander along performing in a mediocre fashion.

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