Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Is the suspense over?

Since Sir Ian McGeechan's tenure at Bath was announced it was coming to an end the tension has been building to see who'll take the reigns at the Rec. With so many names bouncing about for the head coach and DOR, but utter silence from the club.

But suddenly yesterday there was a blanket of silence across Twitter from all Bath's players, and a rumour circulating that they were banned from using it for the day. But why the silence, will there be an announcement of finally knowing who had the task of resurrecting the Blue,Black and white.

Then here it come the silence was lifted, but nothing. Were they just toying with us, building our hopes? Then came the Telegraph article arrived like a ray of light breaking the sky on the stormiest night. Could this be true -Friday we will know, Friday the announcement we've been yearning to hear will be released. So what will we know? Will it be DOR, will it be head coach or will we be spoilt and get both? Well apparently both!!!!!
In an article releasing that Mike Catt is confirmed to be taking on the role of Andy Farrell with England during the tour of south Africa. There was a snippet at the bottom showing that this Friday will see Gary Gold signing up as the new DOR at Bath! With this breaking bit of news came the added bonus that Gold is to announce he's got a proposition for Catt to take on the head coach job on his return.

Could this be the news we've all been waiting for, is this the combination needed at the Rec, can they revive Bath back to the top?

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