Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Will Lancaster re-discover his faith?

Has the day finally dawned where Bath's pocket rocket Tom Biggs gets to don the white of England and sport the Red Rose for his country?

The avid fans at Bath have been championing Biggs to take a role on the wing for England, and now with his call up to Pennyhill could see this finally come true. When Biggs joined from Falcons the Bath supporters realised Bath had signed a very talented player and have been wondering when his full English call up would come. This season especially has seen a huge turn in form from Biggs, not just his pace but showing there's more to his game than just a speedster. The best way to describe him is a well rounded wingers who punches well above his weight, no matter the shape or size he will hit a tackle with a force that would stop majority of players, many of which have been try savers.

It was Lancaster who initially spotted the talents of Biggs taking him into the academy at Leeds, and sending him on the road to the player he is now. So does he still see enough in him to release him on the international stage, and what a baptism of fire squaring up against the All blacks.

For myself and many believe he could well be a breath of fresh air in the England squad, going back to having a rugby brain not just bulk. I'm hoping Lancaster doesn't release him back to Bath and allows him the crack of the whip he deserves, although I'm still dubious that Lancaster will continue with the same personnel. When looking at the big picture and not wishing to isolate a player (but I am) what really is Ashton at the moment bringing to the table other than a reputation?

Lancaster had faith once let's hope he has it again!

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