Monday, 5 November 2012

The indifferent Bath.

It's safe to say the positivity amongst the Bath fans took a huge knock from the London Welsh game.

Off the back of chiefs and Agen games the Blue, Black and White faithful shared a belief that there was a strong passion and determination within the team. So what went wrong against Welsh? Bath had some good attacking phases but just seemed to lack some of the clinical prowess they had displayed of recent times. Just as they looked like scoring on several occasions an infringement would occur or Welsh would win a turnover.

For me it appeared that Bath went out with an intent to defend heavily, draw the exiles forward then kick down field to catch them on the break. An intriguing game plan, perhaps not having total faith in the team due to injury absentees. A noticeable missing link was Louw whose driven the pack on in recent fixtures, but one man should not make such a difference. For the first time this season the forwards just seemed under powered and below par.

Missing more than anything in the exchange with Welsh was the character, pride and passion that had been displayed against Chiefs. Perhaps its slightly wrong of me to carry on comparing the two games but the diverse change in beyond blatant for anybody to see. For the United fixture against Quins we were treated to some more of that dogged determination we'd been tempted with against Agen and chiefs. I had it pointed out to me by Mr Gary Gold himself they are one squad and one team, the will to win flows from the top to bottom. So the question still lends itself to what went wrong against Welsh.......complacency, Injuries, wrong game plan or it was just one of those days??? Either way It's safe to say consistency seems to be a sight miss at the moment.

Whatever didn't happen against London Welsh we've seen the light still burns bright in the heart of Bath rugby and regardless of the disappointment the belief will still be rife amongst the supporters. Bring on The LV cup and Newport and Gwent Dragons to show the rugbying world how Bath can bounce back and shed the disappointment.

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