Saturday, 24 November 2012

Is the Blue, Black and White Fortress back??

Back in Bath's hay day the Rec was seen as a fortress, all clubs feared to play the mighty Blue Black and White as it was nearly impossible to gain a win.

Under the control of Gary Gold's regime it would seem it's once again gaining that prowess. The spirit and passion displayed by Bath including the United boys has been empowering this season. The only loss conceded under Gold at the Rec has been against Saints, and let's be honest the game was there for the taking on that occasion.

Against Quins they defended and chased down every kick administering and absorbing pressure. The likening to a fortress was even more apparent as due to the flooding it even had its own moat! It was a scrappy yet dogged performance and Bath were the worthy victors. From every home game this season the majority of supports have felt hope and belief back in their hearts that Bath will soon be back amongst the big boys and deemed as a force in the premiership.

Positivity is rife on a home fixture and we now hope That Gary Gold can transpire that into the away matches. For some reason at the moment Bath have a slight Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde about them. The spark seen at the Rec seems to be absent when on the road. From watching the home games it is evident the move forward in which Gold is taking Bath and that will surly soon filter through to all games as opposed to just at home.

I have personally been quite negative in Bath's away losses, but this leads from the frustration of the heart shown at home. Performances such as Agen, Exeter and Quins shows the type of performances they can potentially play, this is why so many pull their hair out after games like London Welsh.

By turning the Rec back to the fortress it once was shows we must stick by Mr Gold and take the occasional loss and revel in the victories, hoping the later becomes more prevalent.

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