Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What to do with the Rec?

With all the embargo going on with the championship promotion happening, are their grounds eligible for premier standards. Lends itself to a topic of will the Rec ever be redeveloped or will Bath have to eventually move?
The Rec and Bath rugby go hand in hand since the late 1800's. As all fans know the ground and it's facilities are below standard for top flight rugby, but you still can't help loving it. Due to the capacity and facilities if Bath (god forbid) got relegated and the sought promotion in the RFU regulations I believe promotion would be denied. The topic has gone on for an age but still no actual outcome. Since purchasing the club Bruce Craig has stated he wants Bath to remain at the Rec with a top spec stadium, but hasn't ruled out the ground.
If Bath moved to another site I think it would be a sad day, but eventually it would have to be a necessity for the club to progress. I am confused by the people who protest against the Rec's redevelopment as the club have been in that site longer than their existence, so have always been aware of its use. On a match day the centre is buzzing and bringing in extra revenue to the businesses.
It seems a shame smaller clubs cannot seek premier status due to their grounds when Bath's is so poor. I for one wish to see the improvement of the site and see Bath become proud of the ground rather than it being considered a joke by other clubs.
Will the Rec ever be sorted or will the club relocate? I hope the answer comes soon.....

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