Thursday, 3 May 2012

Honest or Brazen?

Today on 'This is Bath' saw a quite frank open and honest interview with Bath rugby and ex-Leicester player Dan Hipkiss, talking about his time at Bath so far and a return to Welford road this Saturday for the last fixture of the Aviva premiership.

Some may have very different views on his openness and quite frank views on Bath's campaign this year. Some may say congratulations on your honesty and no holds barred opinion of the teams on and off the field attitude, others may say how could he judge a team he has barely played for (due to injury) and not even been at the club for 12months.

The supporters of Dan Hipkiss' views have a point. For a player in top flight rugby to come out and quite harshly criticize his and the squad performances is quite a brave move. For all Bath Rugby's fan's the awareness of the indifferent season Bath have had is all to apparent. With a player of his calibre to state the fan's views is a very bold move and displays that all has not been a bed of roses in the camp this year. Since his arrival from the Tigers last June he himself stated that fitting in to Bath's playing style difficult plus being blighted with injuries, it's not been the dream start to his career in Blue, Black and white.

As the nay sayers will certainly point out how could he so openly share such disparaging views on a team he's barely been part of. With only a hat full of performances to his name for Bath and only 1 score to his name why should he feel the need to criticize his comrades in such a harsh manner. Yes the team has been poor but for a colleague to be so critical will surely do him no favours in the camp. While Bath go to Welford road to attempt the double over Tigers in the premiership and salvage some respectability to the campaign, Hipkiss will be returning to his old stomping ground to prove his worth for Bath. But has his comments damaged his respectability with the players and fan's?

Here's the link to his views so make your own choice of which camp you fall.</p>

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