Friday, 4 May 2012

Is anything possible?

D-day is almost upon us!! The last Aviva premiership bout of league games, one bumper episode of matches to see who finishes where.

The main event will be the relegation scrap between Wasps and Falcons. A match that can see the Falcons rise like a phoenix from the flames and pull off a resurrection of a magnitude almost on a par with the reason we celebrate Easter. If Falcons secure their premiership status and sink Wasps to the championship it will only display the turnaround that Gary Gold has implemented up in the Notrh East, does this bode well for him as potential Bath Rugby DOR?

The game that may be of an interest to the Blue, Black and White faithful is a small fixture against a familiar foe in the form Leicester Tigers. This age old gladiatorial battle has always been of a huge relevance to either teams season. On this occasion it is Bath wanting and needing to be crowned victorious, a bonus win and a sale loss could potentially see Bath nestle into a 6th position. For all results to fall into Bath's lap would be almost close to a miracle although there is always hope.
Bath facing the Tigers at this stage doesn't fall at the best time but can they succeed in the face of adversity? Unfortunately for Bath a potentially weekend scrum due to injury could see an uphill struggle for the fixture, three very key players absent in the guise of Louw, Caldwell and captain Hooper will certainly make it a long day for the pack. The biggest challenge will be to contain the ferociously rampant back line for Tigers, their comeback against Quins demonstrated their strength and resilience which would concern any side in the premiership. Tigers are wishing to secure a home semi-final tie in the play-offs and produce their 10th victory in a row.
With Bath missing the captain and sub-captain, Hooper and Louw, the baton has been issued to a man who plays with so much passion and a future Rec legend-Lee Mears. Possibly one of the most passionate and gutsy men to take to the field could drive the rest of the team forward to victory. With there being a few player signing off tomorrow the hope and expectations for a dream send off will be rife through the squad. So can captain Mears lead the boys in Blue, Black and white out to a monumental victory at Welford's hoping!

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