Saturday, 13 July 2013

Here comes the Henson affect!

The signing of Gavin Henson was met by many of the fans with great trepidation!! A lose canon with a history of losing sight if why he's famous..........he's a rugby player!!!

For many people the major issue with Henson is his ego arrives five minutes before he does. Another problem I have with him is the factor he's an extremely naturally gifted rugby player, his belief of self worth appears to overshadow that.

When I heard Henson had signed I hoped and believed that what Nick Blofeld told us'I think Gavin is much more settled and mature person than that image we have in our heads.' I thought let's give him a chance and let his rugby do the talking.

All of Henson's history with drunken incidents will always be a concern, and once again it's raised its head. A night out with new fellow team mates she Henson ending it being knocked out by Carl Fearns, possibly not the best start he could of hoped for with the controversial move to Bath. Apparently waltzing around as if he owned the Pig and Fiddle in Bath aggravated his fellow team mates and they try to calm him down, unfortunately it appears Henson wasn't in the mood for listening and subsequently Fearns took the action to release a telling blow for Henson. 
As it would be wrong to condone Carl Fearns actions, and I expect him to be punished accordingly, the main concern is Henson's attitude on the evening and what did he say to Fearns for him to react in such a manner? It's not pretty viewing and does no favours for Henson, Fearns or the club. 

Bath have had their fair share of incidents that have put them in the news for all the wrong reasons. Matt Stevens was handed a two year ban for testing positive for cocaine in 2009,this was followed shortly by a huge drug scandal resulting in 5 players leaving the club. Michael Lipman, Alex Crockett and Andrew Higgins receiving a nine-month ban after being found guilty of failing to submit to drugs tests on two separate occasions. Former wallabies player Justin Harrison also received an eight month ban after admitting to drug use and stating 'everyone's doing it'. All of this came to light after an end of season night out in London finished with an altercation with a group of Quins players, who also were celebrating the end of season in the same pub, it resulted in Harrison being knocked out and taken to hospital. Bad press is not what Bath want and they have been managing to appear to be cleaning the club up. 

As a supporter looking in there seems to be a good sense of unity between the players, a group of players who all seem have a good bond with each other. To use the #BathFamily at times seems very appropriate, they look like a solid unit and that helps build a team and will transpire onto the pitch. 

So this raises the point - how would a primadonna fit in with the team? It appears not very well. As it is very early into preseason and already Henson's behaviour has aggravated his team mates this doesn't bode we'll for the following season. It appears that Henson has a few lessons to be learnt on how to conduct yourself in public, and Fearns demonstrated what will happen if you misbehave in Bath, it's about respect if Henson wants support in Bath he needs to earn that! 

With a talented player but continuously shrouded in controversy and already demonstrating its going to be a bumpy ride, can the fans get behind him a support him on the pitch or is it now just a call for Bath to cut him lose before he's even played in Blue Black and White, can he be controlled or will bad publicity continue to follow. As Henson is such a well known player anything he's now involved in that goes slightly amiss there is going to be huge publicity and is that good for the clubs reputation? 

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