Wednesday, 12 September 2012

BT go sky high!!

So how many rugby fans out there subscribe to certain channels just so they can see their beloved team strut their stuff in the Aviva premiership?

And now many of those subscribers appear to be facing down the barrel of yet another one!

I was the proud owner of BT vision in Bath which is fed from the Bathampton transmitter, therefore I was paying for many channels I could not view. BT works as a glorified freeview box with Internet connection for the interactive extras. I subscribed to ESPN but couldn't actually watch it, genius. BT's response was I should get it therefore I had to honour a year's subscription, thank you so much BT.
Now with Virgin I have sky and ESPN and I'm a happy rugby viewer.

So imagine my true delight to see BT managed to out bid sky for the premiership rights. I may aswell give up trying to watch Bath on the box as the powers that be appear more interested in the £'s not the fans.

Can we all afford another subscription fee to buy another channel to watch rugby? Probably not I know for one I can't.

I hope for the premiership this is a deal that is lucrative but also it's one that doesn't detract armchair spectators from seeing the games.
I know more us to be released on exactly which media forms and platforms the matches will be dispatched for our viewing. Let's just hope and pray the poor fans on the street aren't going to pay for the hierarchy's apparent greed!

Please just let us watch live fixtures in peace!! It would be ever so nice of you.

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